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District 27 | Halifax,Northampton & Warren Counties 

There are multiple ways to help the Michael's re-election campaign.  We need assistance with yard signs delivery and placement, phone calls, early voting,  and election day volunteers. 


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Help fulfill our promise to make Halifax, Northampton & Warren Counties better places to live, work, and raise a family. We need volunteers to support Michael's re-election efforts. 


Michael H. Wray

Halifax, Northampton & Warren Counties


Michael Wray stands as a beacon of enduring leadership. Since his initial election in 2004, Michael has climbed the ranks within the North Carolina General Assembly, forging a legacy of dependable and strong leadership.

Michael Wray is deeply committed to the well-being of each resident of District 27 and is a champion for the issues that matter most:  access to affordable healthcare; the expansion of high-speed internet in rural areas of our state; and strengthening our public education system so students get the skills they need to be productive, prosperous, successful citizens.


Michael Wray works across party lines to advance public policy that is good for the people of District 27 and North Carolina.  He has a proven track record of working with his fellow House members to craft common-sense, practical policy solutions.


As the primary sponsor of Medicaid Expansion legislation, Michael Wray recognized the critical need to help our low income residents get access to health care coverage and strengthen healthcare providers in District 27 and across the state. Michael Wray worked tirelessly to ensure that this groundbreaking legislation became law.


During the most recent legislative session, Michael Wray was able to work across party lines to secure more than $100 million in critical investments for Halifax, Northampton and Warren Counties. These funds will provide investments in our schools system;  capital improvements for projects in Halifax, Northampton, and Warren; water and sewer improvements; funding to enhance our law enforcement and fire departments; as well as funding to support efforts of community and nonprofit organizations in serving our citizens.   


Michael Wray isn't just a politician--he's a dedicated servant of the people, committed to making a meaningful difference in our lives. Join us in supporting a leader who not only understands our challenges, but actively advocates for us. 


Message From Representative Michael Wray

I am immensely proud of my accomplishments in advocating for working families in Halifax, Northampton, and Warren counties. As I continue the privilege of service in the North Carolina General Assembly, my focus remains on bringing about meaningful change for the hardworking people of Halifax, Northampton, and Warren Counties. My dedication remains focused on the voices of the hardworking men and women of District 27. 


Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to a successful 2024 session in which the needs of our communities in Halifax, Northampton, and Warren counties are heard.

Representative Michael Wray



In the most recent Legislative Session, Representative Michael Wray brought an unprecedented amount of funding  to local governments, nonprofits and community organizations in District 27. These funds will support infrastructure, capacity building, community and downtown revitalization, economic development, and much more. He was the primary sponsor of the bill in support of Medicaid Expansion. He is working for you every day! 


For more information on what Representative Michael H. Wray and the NC General Assembly have been working on, click the links below. Each link will direct you to the NC General Assembly Website, the links below will all open a new window for you to see each section. Thanks for visiting the website and wanting to learn more on what Representative Michael Wray & the NC General Assembly has been doing to make NC a better place for all of us.

Representative Wray's Legislative Webpage

Introduced Bills



State Employees Association of NC

North Carolina Association of Educators

National Federation of Independent Businesses

North Carolina Chamber of Commerce

Northampton Citizens United

Warren County Political Action Committee

United Steelworkers Local 9-0425

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Michael H. Wray

Michael is a member of the Democratic leadership team in the House of Representatives. He  serves as Chair of the House Ethics and Finance Committees, as well as Vice-Chair of the Agricultural Committee.  Michael also serves as a member of the Health; Insurance; Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House, Energy and Public Utilities, and Alcoholic Beverage Committees. 


Michael has always been an ardent supporter of education, quality health care, and economic development. As a small business owner, he understands the needs of business and the importance of creating an environment that will support new jobs and investment in our communities.


Michael is a small business owner and native of Northampton County. He and his wife, Kay, live in Gaston and have twin sons,  Matthew and Phillip.




Making Halifax, Northampton & Warren Better Communities

Throughout his time in the General Assembly, Michael has made education a policy priority. He understands that education is too important to Northeastern North Carolina to neglect. Whether it be a robust economy or well-trained workforce, education is key. Michael is committed to investing in education with a tenacity that is commensurate to its importance. He believes that we short-change our future by cutting funding for education. Michael also believes that building and maintaining great schools is good economic policy and every dollar we spend on education is an investment towards a more vibrant economy in the future. He believes strongly that we must emphasize student performance and achievement if we are to stay on pace with global economic productivity. Michael Wray has been fighting for education every step of the way. It is important that we re-elect Michael Wray as your State Representative so we can ensure our children’s future and the future of our economy.

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