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Michael H. Wray

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The foundation of our community rests with strong leaders and Michael Wray’s leadership has stood the test of time. As a top ranking Democrat in the State House, Michael has consistently worked to strengthen the interests of families in Halifax, Northampton, and Warren counties. Michael has worked his way up the ranks in the State Legislature since 2004 and has established a reputation of reliable leadership. He has led key debates in education, tax, and economic development issues in North Carolina, framing these conversations around the people that he represents. You can count on him to continue serving the citizens of Halifax, Northampton, and Warren Counties the way that he always has – efficiently and effectively and with leadership that lasts.


Families in Northeastern North Carolina have a voice in Michael Wray. During his time in the State Legislature, Michael has established a legislative record that is conscious of the needs and interests of working families in District 27. Working families deserve a strong leader. As your State Representative, Michael will continue to fight for smart policies t so that the future is secure. He will fight for raises to the minimum wage and Medicaid expansion to help patients, physicians, and hospitals – bold and smart initiatives that lift up our working families. Northeastern North Carolina is strong when its working families are strong. 


Michael's passion is to empower those who help our communities the most and his body of work has been focused on supporting working families, but there is much more that needs to be done.


Please vote for Michael Wray on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 to ensure that the voices of the people of Halifax, Northampton, and Warren Counties will be heard.

Representative Wray is currently serving his ninth term in the NC General Assembly and has a record of leadership and bipartisanship.


Michael is a member of the Democratic leadership team in the North Carolina House of Representatives. He  serves a Chair of the House Ethics and Finance Committees, as well as Vice-Chair of the Agricultural Committee. Michael also serves as a member of the Health; Insurance; and Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House Committees.


Michael has always been an ardent supporter of education, quality health care, and economic development. As a small business owner, he understands the needs of business and the importance of creating an environment that will support new jobs and investment in our communities.


Michael is a small business owner and native of Northampton County. He lives in Gaston with his wife Kay and his twin sons, Matthew and Phillip

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